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  • CPD – £130.00
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Defending Possession Claims – A Toolkit

Where do you turn if the people you are helping are facing possession action? What if it is urgent? What if matters have gone too far and they are about to be evicted? What if no specialist adviser is available at short notice?

This course aims to give delegates the information and understanding to be able to confidently assist and advise people facing possession action – whether it is at an early stage or at a crisis point. Delegates will gain an understanding of when to refer to specialist advisers and why, as well as the ability to take action to assist and give the best opportunity of defeating a claim for possession or prevent an eviction.

Course includes:

  • brief overview of security of tenure
  • understanding a notice seeking possession and checking it’s validity
  • discussion of early intervention
  • review of Pre-action Protocols
  • detailed analysis of possession procedure
  • technical and substantive defences

Suitable for:

Anyone advising or supporting people in rented housing. It is an essential guide to assisting effectively and for delegates who are experienced in this area but who need an update.

It is presumed that delegates have at least a basic understanding of tenancies in order to maximise learning from this course.

Full Day
CPD 5 hours
Trainer – Joanna Syms

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Preventing homelessness
Money Matters Seminar
Renting homes bill
Universal Credit
Housing Act 2014


Setting Up Home – helping tenants succeed in the Private Rented Sector:

Private renting is a rapidly expanding sector; making up nearly 20% of the housing stock in Wales. The Housing (Wales) Act 2014 new regime for assisting homeless applicants places significant reliance on discharging into the private rented sector. The role of private rented properties is becoming increasingly vital, but, what do tenants need to know before entering into this sector?

This course will include:

  • Types of occupation and principal rights and responsibilities
  • What to look for when viewing a property
  • Pre-tenancy obligations on Agents and Landlords
  • Tenancy deposits
  • Local Housing Allowance /Universal Credit (Housing Element)
  • Houses in Multiple occupation
  • Rights to repair
  • Notices and ending tenancies
  • Grounds and procedures for possession

Who should attend?
Housing advisers, support workers and anyone working with tenants living in or moving into the rented sector
10am – 16:30pm
Full day


Improving Housing Conditions – Tenants’ Rights to Repair

Poor housing conditions can have a serious negative impact on health and well-being of tenants and their families. Many people working with and supporting tenants have little understanding and knowledge of the rights that tenants have, the landlord obligations and the options available to enforce those rights. This course will give delegates an overview of the rights that tenants have to get repairs carried out. Participants will gain an understanding of the duties and responsibilities of landlords, and potential remedies where these functions are not realised.

This course will include:

  • Definition of disrepair and inherent defects
  • Contractual rights
  • Expressed terms
  • Implied duty of repair under Landlord & Tenant Act 1985
  • Defective Premises Act 1972
  • Environmental Protection Act 1990
  • The Housing Health & Safety Rating System
  • Renting Homes Act introduction

Who should attend?

Essential knowledge for anyone advising or supporting people in rented accommodation, including support workers, advocates, welfare advisers, housing officers and legal advisers

Full Day
CPD 5 hours
Trainer – Natasha Vidini