Stung by hidden letting fees?

We don’t think that’s fair.

Since 1 November 2013, letting agents must provide information upfront on what fees they charge.

If you’ve been stung by hidden fees, tell us about it and we’ll pass it on to the Advertising Standards Authority to take action.

Report hidden letting fees here »

New calls to tackle empty homes

Our director John Puzey is on Wales This Week on Monday talking about the need to do more to get empty homes back into use. We’ve done a lot of work over in recent years to get empty homes on to the political agenda so we’re really pleased to see that all parties now acknowledge how important a resource they could be in addressing housing need in Wales. You can read more about our position on empty homes here, including a quick and easy way to report empty properties in your area to you local council. Further details about the programme are available on ITV Wales’s site here.