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Intention to action: how to end intentional homelessness

In the last ten years more than 5,200 households in Wales have been deemed to have intentionally caused their own homelessness. These decisions can have a devastating effect on people and particularly children. The Welsh Government, recognising this, has set a target for Welsh councils to end intentionality decisions for all households with children by […]

So what is priority need – and why do we want to get rid of it?

This week an Assembly committee called for the Welsh Government to make some radical changes to how street homeless people are helped. One of the most significant recommendations was that Welsh Government should establish a timetable for abolition of the ‘priority need’ test. Shelter Cymru has been calling for an end to priority need for […]

Former tenant arrears and the Welsh social housing lock-out

It’s one year since we launched our report Accessing and sustaining social tenancies which asked whether some people in Wales were being deemed ‘too poor’ for social housing. The report focussed on the use of financial assessments in the pre-tenancy stages and found evidence that some landlords were using these to deny people tenancies on […]

Statutory homelessness in Wales is up 58 per cent in a year

Last week the Welsh Government published a rather important set of statistics on homelessness. The figures mean that for the first time we can get a sense what’s been happening in Welsh homelessness over the last two years since the law was changed to increase prevention work and help more people. And the picture that’s […]

Grenfell Tower and Wales: what happens next?

For many people in Wales, what happened at Grenfell Tower brought back painful memories of Aberfan half a century ago. Both tragedies involved safety failures leading to the deaths of many children and adults. Both involved working class communities who were completely ignored when they tried to warn that their lives were being put at […]

Homelessness and failure to cooperate: we need to talk about this

There’s an aspect of Welsh homelessness legislation that we’ve always been deeply uncomfortable with. When the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 gave new powers to local authorities to discharge their homelessness duties if they decided that a household is ‘unreasonably failing to cooperate’, we and others predicted it would lead to highly vulnerable people being excluded […]

Why is rough sleeping on the rise in Wales?

The latest rough sleeper figures for Wales are a shocking confirmation of what many of us have suspected for some time now. Anyone walking the streets of our cities and towns can’t fail to notice how many people are bedding down in the open air, even on the coldest nights of the year. Everyone is […]

The Living Home Standard: how does Wales measure up?

How many people in Wales today live in homes that give them what they need to live, rather than just get by? When Shelter developed the Living Home Standard, in partnership with British Gas and Ipsos MORI, the aim was to establish a measure that was grounded firmly in what people believe a home needs […]