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Students’ housing worries during Covid-19

By Amanda Harris These are deeply unsettling times for many, none more so than the thousands of students who attend universities and higher education establishments across Wales. Not only have students been faced with huge disruption to their courses and exams, with universities closing and learning going online, but many are experiencing serious anxieties  and […]

Blog: Homelessness after lockdown: priority need for all?

Across Wales there are more than 500 homeless people in emergency accommodation due to the pandemic. Local agencies have worked incredibly hard to get people into safe places, whether that’s hotels, B&Bs, caravan parks, previously unlet social housing, even into permanent homes. Finding accommodation for so many people so quickly is a massive credit to […]

Blog: Preventing evictions in Wales during lockdown

At Shelter Cymru we share the disappointment of our sister organisation about the UK Government’s over-hyped measures to prevent evictions during the coronavirus outbreak. Rather than banning all evictions as promised, the emergency legislation will simply extend the current notice period for a section 21 eviction from two months to three. Over the last week […]

Our statement on coronavirus

16/03/2019 We know a lot of tenants are worried about how they will be able to pay their rent during the coronavirus pandemic. Having to self-isolate means that some people, especially self-employed people or those on casual or zero hours contracts, are going to face financial hardship. At this difficult time we are asking landlords […]

Blog: Ending social evictions that lead to homelessness

                  This week a slightly techy-sounding announcement from the Welsh Government included a small mention of something pretty huge. It’s something that has the potential to transform Wales’ social housing system into one of the most progressive in the world. It’s a goal that we at Shelter […]

Legal: How intentional homelessness is changing in Wales

  A recent Supreme Court case put the intentional homelessness test back in the spotlight, raising questions about how fair the test is and whether, for Wales, it should have any place at all in our homelessness system. The case concerned a woman known as Ms Samuels and her four children who, having been evicted, […]

Legal: Drafting issues with the Housing (Wales) Act 2014

  Evans vs Fleri (2019) Shelter Cymru represented Mr Evans in his appeal against an order of a district judge granting possession to his private landlord, even though the landlord was not licensed by Rent Smart Wales at the time he served Notice Requiring Possession. This was a surprising decision given that the Housing (Wales) […]