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Blog: Ending social evictions that lead to homelessness

                  This week a slightly techy-sounding announcement from the Welsh Government included a small mention of something pretty huge. It’s something that has the potential to transform Wales’ social housing system into one of the most progressive in the world. It’s a goal that we at Shelter […]

Legal: How intentional homelessness is changing in Wales

  A recent Supreme Court case put the intentional homelessness test back in the spotlight, raising questions about how fair the test is and whether, for Wales, it should have any place at all in our homelessness system. The case concerned a woman known as Ms Samuels and her four children who, having been evicted, […]

Legal: Drafting issues with the Housing (Wales) Act 2014

  Evans vs Fleri (2019) Shelter Cymru represented Mr Evans in his appeal against an order of a district judge granting possession to his private landlord, even though the landlord was not licensed by Rent Smart Wales at the time he served Notice Requiring Possession. This was a surprising decision given that the Housing (Wales) […]

Homeless trans people are not getting the help they need

    John* was in the early stages of medical transition. Deciding to live openly as a trans man, after many years of deliberating, had caused his marriage to break down and compromised access to his child. These events led to serious mental health repercussions for him. When John was interviewed for a new Shelter […]

Grenfell Tower – Two years on, how should Wales respond?

By Paul Bevan Today marks two years since the shocking and tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in North Kensington, in which 72 people died and more than 70 others were injured. The impact of the tragedy became even more alarming as, very quickly, we learnt that the fire’s colossal impact was largely avoidable, had different […]

Priority need is an admission of failure

  The Welsh Government has commissioned an important piece of work to look at the impact and consequences of amending or even abolishing the priority need test in Welsh homelessness legislation – John Puzey considers the test and the consequences of not abolishing it. When the Homeless Persons Act was first introduced in 1977 the […]

Ending homelessness, not managing it

  Just over a year ago Shelter Cymru researchers interviewed 100 street homeless people in three parts of Wales. The results of that study were stark: people were literally trapped on the streets, partly by their own ill health and partly by the inability of services to reach out and offer the right kind of […]

How it feels to use housing services

  A recent exercise undertaken by Shelter Cymru’s Take Notice project shows why it is important that service providers make a continual effort to listen to the views of real people. Is there a better way to find out what’s being done well in homelessness services and what needs to be improved, than by asking the […]