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Cold, desperate and forgotten

by Rebecca Jackson   Street homelessness is becoming more and more visible across Wales. The media coverage is extensive and although efforts are made to speak to people sleeping rough, quite often their voices are overshadowed or drowned out by the views of the public, professionals and politicians. It is easy to be grabbed by […]

Homeless LGBTQ people in Wales are being let down

By Edith England   This Saturday, 40,000 people will celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans equality in Wales’ biggest celebration of LGBTQ acceptance. Yet can we really say we have achieved equality, when LGBTQ people remain at much higher risk of homelessness? June 28th, 1970. Two thousand New Yorkers marched, from the Stonewall Inn on […]

Homelessness in the trans community in Wales

By Edith England, Cardiff University / Shelter Cymru   Trans people have a gender that is different to the sex they were assigned at birth. As well as trans women and trans men, this can include those who do not identify as only male or female, as both, or neither. Some trans people seek medical […]