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Ending homelessness, not managing it

  Just over a year ago Shelter Cymru researchers interviewed 100 street homeless people in three parts of Wales. The results of that study were stark: people were literally trapped on the streets, partly by their own ill health and partly by the inability of services to reach out and offer the right kind of […]

How it feels to use housing services

  A recent exercise undertaken by Shelter Cymru’s Take Notice project shows why it is important that service providers make a continual effort to listen to the views of real people. Is there a better way to find out what’s being done well in homelessness services and what needs to be improved, than by asking the […]

Let’s stop making young people homeless

It’s great to see evictions from social housing continue to decline in Wales. Clearly there is a determination by most social landlords to do all they can to prevent people from becoming homeless, a real challenge in the context of austerity and the Universal Credit rollout. But even with figures at their lowest for years, […]

Shelter Cymru welcomes new funding for youth homelessness prevention

  It’s fantastic that the Welsh Government has made extra money available to prevent and tackle youth homelessness. We’ve been at the forefront of early prevention work for many years, providing housing advice and education to young people to help them leave home in a planned way. This funding is much needed to increase the […]

Vulnerable tenants mustn’t lose out in the letting fee ban

  Leanne* contacted the Shelter Cymru Live helpline earlier this year because her landlord was trying to evict her and her children for rent arrears. She knew there would be some arrears due to Universal Credit, but the amount the letting agent told her she owed was incredible to her. She’d been trying really hard […]

Cold, desperate and forgotten

by Rebecca Jackson   Street homelessness is becoming more and more visible across Wales. The media coverage is extensive and although efforts are made to speak to people sleeping rough, quite often their voices are overshadowed or drowned out by the views of the public, professionals and politicians. It is easy to be grabbed by […]

Homeless LGBTQ people in Wales are being let down

By Edith England   This Saturday, 40,000 people will celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans equality in Wales’ biggest celebration of LGBTQ acceptance. Yet can we really say we have achieved equality, when LGBTQ people remain at much higher risk of homelessness? June 28th, 1970. Two thousand New Yorkers marched, from the Stonewall Inn on […]

Homelessness in the trans community in Wales

By Edith England, Cardiff University / Shelter Cymru   Trans people have a gender that is different to the sex they were assigned at birth. As well as trans women and trans men, this can include those who do not identify as only male or female, as both, or neither. Some trans people seek medical […]