How we help and what we’ve achieved

People have always been at the heart of everything we do and we will continue to be driven by our founding belief that everyone in Wales has the right to a decent, secure home.

Over the next six years, we want to support more people but we also want more people to support us, through campaigning, volunteering, fundraising, or regular giving.

We will achieve this by:

  • Building a core foundation service and increasing our frontline services.
  • Leading a mass movement to campaign for decent homes.
  • Achieving far greater financial independence.
  • Establishing a more enterprising culture across the charity.

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Below are just some of our key stats from last year

Last year, we undertook 7,437 cases on behalf of 15,668 people, dealing with 26,216 individual problems. 38% of households included children.

The most common problem experienced by people was homelessness, occurring in 55% of our cases, followed by:

  • 25% housing benefit
  • 35% rent arrears
  • 24% seeking accommodation.

Our website received 490,701 page views last year, while 238,709 people visited our Get Advice section.

During the year, Shelter Cymru helped 282 people who were street homeless and a further 1,883 households that were within 28 days of being literally homeless.

Our services were used by a variety of income groups, with;

  • 40% households unemployed
  • 24% employed
  • and 23% unable to work for health or disability reasons.

In total, homelessness was averted in 80% of relevant cases.

Of known outcomes;

  • 41% of households were assisted to remain in their homes
  • a further 14% were helped to secure more time for a planned move
  • 10% were helped into temporary accommodation
  • and a further 15% were assisted into permanent alternative accommodation.

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