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Furniture projects and charities can provide free or low cost second hand furniture and electrical and household items for people on low incomes or benefits. In some circumstances, you might be able to apply to the Discretionary Assistance Fund for a grant.

Furniture projects

Furniture projects provide good quality free or low cost second-hand furniture and other household items for people on low incomes.

They also provide safety-tested electrical appliances such as fridges and washing machines.

Some furniture projects can only help if you claim benefits or have a low income.

Furniture projects may help you if you are:

You may have to ask an advice centre, a charity or a community group to refer you to a furniture project.

Furniture projects are usually able to deliver to your home. You may have to pay a small amount to cover delivery costs.

How do I find a furniture project or charity?

You can find a furniture project or charity in your area by using the Re-use network search tool below. Just enter your postcode and it will tell you about centres and projects local to you. You can also search for specific items.

Not all furniture reuse charities are part of the Re-use network so it is also worth carrying out a wider internet search for other furniture recycling projects in your area.

Local furniture recycling groups

Use Freecycle or Freegle to find people in your local area who are selling or giving away their unwanted items.

There might also be a local Facebook group near you.

Discretionary Assistance Fund

In Wales, you may be able to get help from the Discretionary Assistance Fund (DAF). The DAF provides urgent grants to people as a last resort, and could be used to buy certain electrical white goods, such as fridges and cookers, in addition to household items such as beds, bedding, curtains and kitchen items. Grants do not need to be paid back. In an emergency or disaster, small cash payments may be available.

Some furniture projects will ask if you have applied for help from the DAF before they can help you, so it is a good idea to see if you are eligible for help from DAF before contacting other projects.

For more information on the DAF see our page on cash in a crisis.

Grants from other organisations

There may be other charities that provide grants to people who need furniture and appliances. Turn2Us  have a Grant Search tool which can help you find grant-giving organisations in your area. There are also lots of occupational charities, which support people who have worked in different jobs. If you search on the internet by job title, along with the words ‘crisis support’, you may find that help is available.

We are sorry that we cannot provide this information in Welsh, however if you would like to speak to an adviser in Welsh please contact 08000 495 495.

Phone an adviser

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