David’s story

David is 69 years old.

Originally from Wales, David spent 26 years of his adult life working in a Church in Los Angeles helping homeless people.

When David returned, he had very few of his belongings and nowhere to go. His parents had passed away and most of his friends had moved on. He was unable to prove citizenship straight away and it was difficult for him to access support.

During the bitterly cold winter that followed, David spent the days travelling around on buses trying to keep warm.

The nights were spent on the sofas of strangers or in shop doorways. Christmas was approaching and despite his constant faith and prayers, the season had lost its real meaning.

David was lonely, wet and cold and longed for somewhere safe to stay.

Thankfully, David continued to try to seek help and moved into accommodation on 23rd December 2017 – the day before Christmas Eve.

David has made friends with his new neighbours and feels part of a community. His faith remains an important part of his life.

How you can help

Last year, Shelter Cymru helped almost 20,000 people in Wales who were either living in poor housing, facing homelessness or already rough sleeping.

Our support is free of charge and available to anyone in Wales who needs it.

Please make a donation so that our frontline services can continue to help individuals and families to find and keep a home.