Katey’s story

Katey is 39 years old.

Katey first experienced homelessness when she was 11 years old and in the first year of comprehensive school.

The trauma of constantly living in temporary accommodation as a child made Katey determined to give her own children a better and more stable future.

When Katey was 21, she became a mum to her daughter, Ellie. They rented a house but when Ellie was 7, the landlord wanted it back. Katey and Ellie became homeless.

They lived in a B&B for 12 weeks and then moved in to shared accommodation, where they stayed with other families for 18 months. During those two Christmases, most of their possessions were in storage and they had no access to their Christmas decorations. There was no money for lots of presents and no space to put them.

Katey did her best to make life as normal as possible and longed to give Ellie the safety and security of a place to call ‘home’.

Just before Ellie’s 9th Birthday, they moved into a Bungalow. 11 years on, this remains their home.

Ellie is now 18 and studying at Manchester University. She and Katey are looking forward to sharing Christmas together at home.

How you can help

Last year, Shelter Cymru helped almost 20,000 people in Wales who were either living in poor housing, facing homelessness or already rough sleeping.

Our support is free of charge and available to anyone in Wales who needs it.

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