How to set up your Virign Money Giving page

If you’re raising money for Shelter Cymru, you may have thought about setting up a Virgin Money Giving page to help. If you have, then this page provides a step by step guide on how to easily set up the page, so you have more time to get out Fundraising.

Visit Shelter Cymru’s Virginmoneygiving home page →

Next steps…

Step 1
Click on Start fundraising under the Support us column on the right-hand side.

Step 2
Click on Personal challenge.

Step 3
Select the type of challenge – eg. Adrenaline Rush.
Select the location where your event takes place – Gwynedd.
Add in the date of your challenge – 21/06/2015.

Choose how long you would like your fundraising page to stay open for (we recommend until 3 months after your event has finished – this gives you time to persuade everyone to sponsor you).

Select if you are fundraising with others or as just me, and click next.

Step 4
Check that Shelter Cymru is already in the charity name section.
Add in your fundraising target (it helps raise more money if you set a target for people to help you reach it!).
Choose no for whether your charity has contributed to the cost of your event and then click next.

Step 5 – I’m already registered
If you have used Virginmoneygiving before, choose Sign in and then enter your e-mail address and date of birth and click next to enter the requested digits from your password.

Step 6 – I’m not registered
If you are new to Virginmoneygiving then choose Register and then complete your personal details and click next.
Complete your date of birth and password, then confirm your password and click next.

Step 7
You will now need your very own unique web address for your Virginmoneygiving page – this is the page address that you will send out to all your family, friends and colleagues so they can visit your page and sponsor you.

Enter your unique web address and then click check address to ensure that this hasn’t been taken. Once you have chosen a web address click next.

If you are part of a team, then this is when you will need to enter a team name as well as unique web address that reflects your Team Name. Click check address to ensure that this hasn’t been taken. Once you have chosen a unique web address click next. You will then have the option of adding further team members, add their Fundraiser’s e-mail address and click search. They will need to register with Virginmoneygiving too in order to be added to your team. Then click next.

Please note your unique web address will be the same for every event you take part in so it is best to stick to something that is not related to a specific event or date.

Step 8
You are now ready to create your own fundraising page. You can add photos, videos, your own wording about why you are doing the challenge and more information about the challenge, share your twitter feed or link to your facebook page. You can use as many (or as few) of these features as you like but remember the more personal your page, the more interesting it is to your sponsors.

Click Create my page to get started. Click save once you have completed your fundraising page.

Click next and then choose whether you would like to receive an e-mail when someone sponsors you and add your own personal thank you message if you wish, then click Create my page

Step 9
Your page has now been created. Click on the icons available to share your unique web address with your friends, family and colleagues through facebook, twitter or e-mail. They can then see your page and use a credit or debit card to securely donate towards your sponsorship target.

This money then comes directly into the Shelter Cymru bank account and is recorded against your total, saving you all the hassle of collecting in your sponsorship money.

You can go into your account at any time to amend your fundraising page, by simply choosing Sign In the tab at the top righthand side of the Virginmoneygiving webpages, and then enter your name, date of birth and the requested digits from your password.

Step 10
Finally, for ideas and tips on how you can raise more money then take a look at the Raise More pages on Virginmoneygiving or contact us on or 01792 460400.