Education and early prevention resources

Here you can find a number of useful resources involving Shelter Cymru’s Education and Youth Service including project packs and Youth Worker guides.  To download our online resource Housemate click here.

The Right Track Pack

The Right Track Pack is a resource about key housing issues and homelessness for youth workers in Wales.

The pack will not make youth workers experts on housing but it will enable them to pass on vital information to young people on getting and keeping safe, secure and affordable housing and also what to do if ever faced with homelessness.

The pack was updated in 2017.

Please contact our Education and Youth Officer if you would like to arrange a team/staff briefing on how to use the pack with young people.

Download : The Right Track Pack

Peer Learning Pack

The pack gives a step-by-step guide to all the elements required to facilitate a complete project. It covers all the steps necessary, ranging from advice on finding and then forming a working partnership, the training and subsequent accreditation of the Peer Educators, right through to the delivery of information by the group to secondary schools, Youth Clubs and other interested organisations.

Download : Peer Learning Pack

Leaving Care and Moving On : A housing guide for care leavers

Leaving Care and Moving On was produced as part of our Big Lottery funded North Wales Peer Learning Project and in consultation with young care leavers and Leaving Care teams across Wales.

The booklet contains tips on independent living, provides useful signposting information for young people leaving care and was updated in 2018.

Download : Leaving Care and Moving On

Phone an adviser

If you have a housing problem, call our expert housing advice helpline
0345 075 5005

Email an adviser

If you have a non-urgent problem and would like to speak to an advisor
email us

We are sorry that we cannot provide this information in Welsh, however if you would like to speak to an adviser in Welsh please contact 0345 075 5005.

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