Housing association tenancies

Not all housing association tenants have the same protection from eviction. The type of tenancy agreement you have will affect many of your rights, including how and when the housing association can evict you, whether you can pass your tenancy on and whether you have the right to buy.

Housing associations provide secure, assured, assured shorthold and starter tenancies or they can apply to the courts to demote your tenancy. They should give you a written tenancy agreement, which says clearly what type of tenancy you have, and outlines your rights and responsibilities.

Assured tenancies

Most housing association tenants have assured tenancies, but you should check your status if you are uncertain

Assured shorthold tenancies

Housing associations often provide assured shorthold tenancies if the tenancy is temporary, or if it is a starter or demoted tenancy

Demoted tenancies

If you behave in an anti-social manner housing associations can demote your tenancy to a less secure type for a certain period of time

Starter tenancies

A housing association will give you a starter tenancy as a 12-month trial period at the beginning of your tenancy

Secure tenancies

Secure tenants have relatively stronger rights than other housing association tenants

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