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Help to stay

Help to Stay mortgage scheme If you‘re facing difficulty paying your mortgage you might be able to get help.  Your home must be valued at £300,000 or less. A shared equity loan could help to reduce your monthly payments.  To find out about the Help to Stay application process click here What is the Help [...]

Transferring occupation contracts

Transferring occupation contracts on long-term renting solutions If you are a joint contract-holder, or if your partner is the sole contract-holder, you may be able to have the occupation contract transferred into your sole name. If you agree If you and your partner have made a decision about who is going to stay in the [...]

Paying for housing

Paying for housing Housing problems often begin because of financial difficulties. If you don’t have much money it can be difficult to find a decent home and if you can’t pay the rent or mortgage you could face eviction. This section explains what help there is to pay for housing, including Housing Benefit, Universal Credit and [...]


Homelessness Find out what homelessness is, how it can be avoided, how you can get help and what to do if you’re sleeping rough. You don’t have to be living on the street to be homeless. You may be sleeping on a friend’s sofa, staying in a hostel, or living in overcrowded or unsuitable accommodation. If [...]

Finding a place to live

Finding a place to live Use the pages below to work out what your options are and how to find a place that is suitable for you. Be realistic about what you can afford and what is available. If you are under 25, and looking for a place of your own, take a look at [...]

Transfers between secure contract-holders

Transfers between secure contract-holders If you have a secure occupation contract with a community landlord you can swap your home with another secure contract-holder if they have a community landlord. This is known as a 'transfer to another secure contract-holder'. This is a fundamental term of all secure contracts, as long as your landlord is [...]

Applying for a waiting list transfer

Applying for a waiting list transfer If you have an occupation contract with a community landlord and need to move to a new community landlord home because your housing needs have changed, you might be able to apply to the waiting list to be transferred to a more suitable property. This is known as a [...]

What can you do if you are unhappy with a decision?

What can you do if you are unhappy with a decision? If you are unhappy about a decision that has been made about your application for community landlord accommodation, you may be able to take action. Which decisions can be challenged? You can take action if you are not happy because: you disagree with a [...]

Getting an offer

Waiting for an offer Each council has it’s own policy about how it offers properties in it’s area. The policy should tell you how you will be made an offer and give you an idea about how long you are likely to have to wait. Depending on your situation, it can take many months, or [...]

Who gets priority?

Who gets priority? Community landlord waiting lists don’t work on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. By law, priority must be given to certain groups of people, such as people who are legally classed as homeless. Priority can also be given to other groups of people within a council area. How do I know if [...]

Who is eligible to apply for a community landlord home?

GAZA UPDATE In response to the Hamas terrorist attack in Israel on 7 October 2023 and the violence which rapidly escalated in the region following the attack, there has been an important change to the law. This change helps certain groups of people fleeing the violence to receive housing assistance. The following people are now eligible for [...]

Reporting repairs and allowing access if you have a community landlord

Reporting repairs and allowing access if you have a community landlord Repairs should be reported to your landlord as soon as possible Your landlord must give you 24 hours’ notice if they want to enter your home for inspections or repairs  If you rent from a community landlord you must let them know about any [...]

Ending an occupation contract

Ending an occupation contract You should end your agreement properly to avoid problems in the future You usually have to give at least 28 days’ notice in writing if you want to leave If you are a joint contract-holder on a periodic standard contract you can leave the contract If you want to leave your [...]

Housing help if your home is flooded

Housing help if your home is flooded You are entitled to help from the council if you are homeless because of flooding in your home If you rent your home you might still need to pay rent even if you can’t stay there while it is cleaned and repaired You might be entitled to help [...]


Overcrowding Find out if your home is legally overcrowded and what you can do if you are living in overcrowded conditions.  What is overcrowding?  If your accommodation is much too small for your household you may be legally overcrowded.  There are two ways to calculate if you are legally overcrowded:  The ‘room standard’: look at [...]

Problems with neighbours

Problems with neighbours The council’s environmental health department might be able to help deal with noise problems.  If you are being harassed in or near your home you might be able to get support to help resolve the situation, or help getting rehoused   If your neighbours are noisy or are harassing you and you need [...]

Getting adaptations

Getting adaptations If you are elderly or disabled and cannot get around the property, or use all the facilities, it may be possible to get adaptations carried out to make your home more suitable for you.  What adaptations do I need?  You will need to know what adaptations you need before deciding whether it is [...]

What can you do when the power goes off?

What can you do when the power goes off? If you rent your home the electrics should be tested every five years  You should be given a copy of the electrical report within 14 days of your occupation contract starting  The electricity in your home can go off for a variety of reasons. It may [...]

Responsibilities for electrical safety

Responsibilities for electrical safety If you have a secure or standard occupation contract, the electrics in your home should be tested every five years  You should be given a copy of the electrical report within 14 days of your occupation contract starting  Landlords, renters and owner-occupiers all have legal responsibilities when it comes to electrical [...]

Fire safety precautions

Fire safety precautions Whether you’re a home owner or renting, there are certain simple precautions you should always take, to minimise the risk of fire in your home. Smoke alarms  Your landlord must ensure that there are mains-connected smoke alarms on each floor of your home  If you moved into your home before 1 December [...]

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