Private renting

There are many different types of housing available to rent privately. You might be looking to rent a self-contained flat or house, or just a room.

The pages below explain how you can find a place that is suitable for you, what to think about when looking for places and tells you more about private landlords and letting agents.

How to find a place to rent privately

Read about where to find a private rented place and what sort of things you should think about before signing an occupation contract.

Landlord registration and licensing

The landlord registration and licensing scheme helps monitor private landlords and ensure that they are suitable people to let out property.

Letting agencies

Letting agencies act on behalf of landlords, not contract-holders. In most cases they are paid by the landlord.

‘No DSS’ policies

It is discrimination for a landlord or letting agent to refuse to rent to you because you are on benefits. If this happens to you, find out what you can do to challenge it here.

We are sorry that we cannot provide this information in Welsh, however if you would like to speak to an adviser in Welsh please contact 08000 495 495.

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