We have some pretty amazing people supporting the fight to end homelessness in Wales. Here’s just a few of the clever and creative ways that supporters have raised money to help those in housing need.

GWAITH CARTREF – A cross-genre album created entirely during lockdown

We are all concerned about the impact of coronavirus. From self-isolating to missing family and friends, the pandemic has been difficult for us all. But imagine how difficult it must be if your home is at risk, or if you just don’t have one?

During lockdown, 28 musicians from Wales and beyond came together to form the ‘Lockdown Collective’. This musical collaboration began in early April, the idea being to create and release a digital album in aid of Shelter Cymru. Something new, original & cross-genre.

Like the surrealist parlour game ‘Consequences’, small musical phrases, rhythms and riffs were passed around online between the musicians, resulting in the 10 diverse and unique tracks that make up the album ‘Gwaith Cartref’ (Homework). Each piece was recorded from home – some from home studios, some using just a smart phone.

For all working musicians, there are uncertain times ahead. We are humbled that so many talented and renowned musicians have chosen to be a part of this project, giving their time and creativity freely in support of our fight against homelessness in Wales.

You can download ‘Gwaith Cartref’ via the link below for just £10, with all proceeds going directly to Shelter Cymru.