LGBT Aware

In this section you will find advice for people who identify as LGBT+.

Although the vast majority of our advice is the same regardless of your sexuality or gender identity we are aware that there are specific areas that affect people who identify as LGBT+ disproportionately compared to others. These areas are:

  • Homelessness, particularly teenagers who may have recently told their family about their sexuality.
  • Domestic Abuse/Violence
  • Discrimination (for example from your landlord or neighbours)


People who identify as LGBT+ are most at risk of homelessness around the time when they tell their family about their sexuality or gender identity. This is particularly true of teenagers. For our general advice on homelessness and what to do if you are homeless or at risk of homelessness please see our section on homelessness.

If you are considering telling your family about your sexuality or gender identity and you are concerned that this may result in homelessness please contact our telephone or email advice for further information.

If you have been made homeless after telling your family about your sexuality or gender identity and you would like to know what help is available please see the ‘Advice Near You’ section of our website.

Domestic abuse/violence

Although detailed research is limited, roughly 25% of people in same sex-relationships report to have been victims of domestic abuse/violence at some point in their lives. This is consistent with the figure that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will be victims of domestic abuse/violence at some point in their lives. These instances of abuse, however, go largely unreported particularly among people who identify as LGBT+. If you would like advice on Domestic Abuse/Violence and useful links  of agencies who may be able to advise you further please see our section on domestic abuse/violence

If you would like more tailored advice please contact our telephone or email advice lines or see the ‘Advice Near You’ section of our website for details of face-to-face advice surgeries near you.


Discrimination can take many forms and under the Equality Act (2010) discrimination against a person’s sexuality or gender identity is against the law. Unfortunately, from time to time we are still approached by people in our advice surgeries who are experiencing discrimination either from their Landlord or their neighbours.

Shelter Cymru recognises that people can often suffer from homelessness or housing need as a result of direct or indirect discrimination against them because of race, gender, disability or sexuality. In addition there are many other personal matters, characteristics and situations which can adversely affect services, provision and support such as age, class, religious or political beliefs, nationality, HIV status, drug-related problems, marital status, refuges status and criminal record among others. Homelessness itself is a source of discrimination.

Shelter Cymru believes that people who are homeless or in housing need must be provided with effective services and enabled to access affordable suitable accommodation with maximum opportunities to have a real say over their own lives regardless of any other personal characteristic or circumstance.

Shelter Cymru also recognises that both in the provision of its own services and in the employment of staff or the recruitment of Board members or volunteers, or the development of local supporters groups, it must ensure that it does not inadvertently discriminate against people.

It is also recognised that Shelter Cymru must challenge discrimination in housing and homeless services and ensure it positively promotes diversity and equal opportunities in its own services, policies and practices as an employer.

If you feel that you have been the victim of discrimination please contact our telephone or email advice services or search the ‘Advice Near You’ section of our website for face-to-face advice in your area.

Further advice

There are many organisations that provide advice to people who identify as LGBT+ covering many different areas. For advice on other housing issues please see the ‘Get Advice’ link at the top of the page. If you would like to contact other organisations for advice please see some useful links below:

Stonewall Cymru
Provides advice for people who identify as LGBT+ and also ways that you can get involved in making change happen. This page also includes a search facility to find tailored advice services near you.

Welsh Women’s Aid
If you or a friend are experiencing domestic violence/abuse and would like further information.

Dyn Project
Provides advice and support to heterosexual, gay, bisexual and transgender men who are experiencing domestic violence/abuse.

Trans*form Cymru
A project funded by the Welsh Government supporting trans* young people to understand their rights and to support youth-facing operations to address discrimination.

LGBT Cymru Helpline
A helpline and counselling service for people who identify as LGBT+, their family and friends.

Pride Cymru
As well as an annual event celebrating all things LGBT+ Pride Cymru runs various projects throughout the year to bring people who identify as LGBT+ together including a youth conference and regular coffee mornings.

Rainbow Bridge
A specialised support service for victims of domestic abuse who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGB&T). We are run by Victim Support and have been funded by the Big Lottery Fund. Our mission is to support victims of domestic abuse from the LGB&T community; To empower and increase confidence levels of the LGB&T community to access support and Criminal Justice agencies; To raise awareness of the issue and increase referrals for support across the board.

We provide face to face support for victims of domestic abuse that is victim led and individually tailored to meet individual need. We also provide support through Advocacy, Personal and Home Security, Practical Support, and Criminal Injuries Compensation Assistance. For more information and support call 0300 3031 982.

Contact us

For urgent advice please call our expert housing advice helpline on 0345 075 5005

or, for non-urgent enquiries please use our email advice service. An adviser will aim to reply to emails within five working days.

Advice near you

Advice near you
Shelter Cymru operate numerous advice centres and surgeries across Wales. To find out when there is an adviser in your area, visit advice near you and find your local area.


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