Our successes

Our campaign supporters have helped us achieve great things. From signing petitions, emailing Assembly Members, to getting involved in mystery shops and social media campaigning, your contribution is essential to our success.

Our latest campaign successes

Letting Go – Ban letting fees to tenants

We started campaigning in March 2016 to ban letting agent fees in Wales. Our campaign supporters carried out a mystery shop of letting agent fees and signed a petition which we presented to the Assembly. The Welsh Government has now announced that they will introduce a Bill to ban letting fees during 2018! Excellent work. We will update this section of the site with ongoing developments as the Bill is introduced.

Waste Not Want Not – making the most of Discretionary Housing Payment (DHPs)

Back in February 2017 we launched our campaign to raise awareness of Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs), an important source of financial help for people struggling with their rent.

The money is given to Welsh councils every year by the UK Government and it is up to councils to give the money to people who need it.

Although many councils worked hard to do this, some were sending money back to the UK Government at the end of the year. Hundreds of thousands of pounds were being wasted – so we stepped in to ensure that councils were making the most of this vital fund.

Thanks to our campaign, Welsh councils sent back £189,000 less than the previous year. That incredible amount would have helped over 600 people in Wales – what a great outcome. We will continue to campaign until no DHP money is sent back to Westminster.

Make Renting Right

Our campaign supporters persuaded the Welsh Government to do a U-turn on a proposal which would have been very damaging for private tenants.

All private tenants currently have six months’ protection from eviction at the start of a tenancy. Under the Renting Homes Act, the Welsh Government was planning to reduce this protection to one month.

Although there is a lot that is good in the Renting Homes Act, we knew that this particular measure would do a lot of harm and increase homelessness. Hundreds of our campaign supporters emailed their Assembly Members – and thanks to you, the Government changed their mind.

Now we need to fight for more protection than just six months!

Campaign with us

Every year we help tens of thousands of people struggling with bad housing or homelessness – and we campaign to prevent it in the first place. You can be part of that change.

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