No Home Kit

Ditch your home shirt for those without a safe place to call home

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No Home Kit

Ditch your home shirt for those without a safe place to call home

On Boxing Day this year, we’re asking football clubs and fans in Wales to swap their home shirt for their away or third kit in aid of people who don’t have a safe place to call home.

We want as many teams, players and fans as possible to join our #NoHomeKit campaign and work with us to help people dealing with homelessness and unsafe housing this winter.

By joining the campaign you’ll be helping raise awareness of the housing emergency and raising vital funds to help us fight it.

Why football?

Whether watching from the terraces or gathered round the living room TV, football understands the importance of home. Home gives all fans a sense of identity, belonging and, above all, community.

Now more than ever, home gives us the foundation and security to live a happy life. But for many people, this basic human right is denied or under threat.

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Home is everything

One in four people in Wales fear they may lose their home within the next year.

A safe home is a fundamental need, and without it we don’t have the foundations to thrive.

Our team are working tirelessly to help people across Wales stand up for their rights, get back on their feet, and find and keep a good home. But we can’t do it without you.


What we do

We exist to defend the right to a safe home and fight the devastating impact the housing emergency has on people and society.

We do this with campaigns, advice and support – and we never give up.