Briefing paper: Life in lockdown in Wales

Nov 2020

Life in lockdown has been hard, but it has been much harder for some people than for others. Covid-19 has exposed huge inequalities in Welsh communities. It has shown how people on modest incomes have suffered the worst financial impacts, and how people in poor quality housing have been more exposed to the virus. It has shown how, for some people, home is not a safe space: domestic violence increased in lockdown, and some children and young people have been exposed to violence and abuse at home. This briefing paper presents data on people’s experiences of home during the initial lockdown period. It is based on a national YouGov online survey carried out towards the end of that period in July 20202. The timing of the survey allowed us to take into consideration many of the key policy changes relating to lockdown rules. These findings give us a better understanding of the lives of people during lockdown in Wales. Only from gaining this understanding can we prepare for the possibility of similar situations occurring in future.

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