Shelter Cymru’s Response to the Welsh Government Green Paper consultation: Securing a path towards adequate housing including fair rents and affordability

Nov 2023

Shelter Cymru welcomes the opportunity to provide evidence to this Green Paper consultation. We strongly support the Welsh Government’s vision that every person should be able to obtain a safe, and affordable home. As the introduction to the consultation document clearing recognises, “the ability to call somewhere home provides security, identity, and a sense of community belonging.” We understand that our response will help inform the development of a White Paper consultation next year, which will include proposals to achieve housing adequacy, including fair rents and affordability, a commitment which is part of the Co-operation Agreement with Plaid Cymru. Wider strategic policy making takes time and consideration. However, this should not deflect from the need for more immediate responses to support Welsh households in our housing emergency today. In our response we provide suggestions on where this immediate action should be focused.

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