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Lived Experience matters

This guide is intended to offer some advice and tips to other organisations who would like to increase their levels of service user participation. It is also a chance to share the good practice we have seen in housing and homelessness services in Wales so that others can benefit.

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We know how you feel

Asking for help can be difficult, Take Notice put this poster together in the hope of reminding front line staff that people are not always their best when they are stressed.

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Contact us

To find out more, please email [email protected]

You are not alone

More and more people are being placed in Temporary Accommodation, some members of Take Notice have been in that situation and know how difficult it can be.

Download the Temporary Accommodation survival guide here A4>

Download the Temporary Accommodation survival guide here A5>

Busting myths

Take Notice members produced a short film and accompanying booklet to share their stories and challenge some of the myths and stereotypes about homelessness and those it can affect.

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The Noticeboard

Our quarterly newsletter, The Noticeboard, was first published in June 2023. It is written by and for people have experienced homelessness or know what it’s like to live in unsafe, unaffordable, unsuitable housing.

It covers issues related to the housing emergency, provides useful information about housing in Wales and the work that we do here at Shelter Cymru and, most importantly, it illustrates some of the challenges people across Wales are facing every day.

If you would like to join our mailing list and be the first to read The Noticeboard, get in touch via [email protected]. If you would like to get involved by  writing an article, suggesting a topic or asking a question, we would love to hear from you.

Issue 1, June 2023.

In this issue:

  • Pets and Home
  • Mortgage Rescue
  • Running for funds

Download this issue here

Issue 2, September 2023

In this issue:

  • The homeless World Cup
  • Housing First
  • Section 173 notices
  • Fair Rents & Affordability

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Issue 3, December 2023

In this issue:

  • A Story of Hope
  • Your Voice Matters
  • My Home Denbighshire
  • Understanding Succession

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Issue 4, March 2024

In this issue:

  • Thoughts from Temporary Accommodation
  • An introduction to Robin White
  • Intentional Homelessness
  • The Arian Project
  • Carbon Monoxide – The Basics
  • Becoming a Peer Researcher

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