Valleys Inclusion Project (VIP)

The Valleys Inclusion Project is a project funded by Caerphilly Supporting People and Caerphilly Homes to tackle the causes of anti-social behaviour and to help prevent the households who are allegedly causing anti-social behaviour from losing their homes through eviction. The project works in the county borough of Caerphilly.

As well as having support workers who work with adult household members, the project also employs a children and young person’s support worker, who engages with children/young people in households to address anti-social behaviour and to help them resolve issues.

The project is based on a partnership approach delivering a multi-agency support service and will seek to help households modify their behaviour rather than just move the problem elsewhere. This approach will help improve the situation for both the household involved and the local community where they live. The principle behind the work of the Valleys Inclusion Project is that anti-social behaviour is often the result of unmet support needs and that many alleged perpetrators are themselves vulnerable and socially excluded.

Who does the project work with?

  • Families,
  • single people, and,
  • couples with no children.

who are facing homelessness or who have been made homeless due to allegedly causing anti-social behaviour. Action on the alleged behaviour could be at any stage e.g. verbal or written warnings for nuisance, acceptable behaviour contracts, injunctions, ASBOs, eviction action.

The households involved must want to be supported by the project. Meetings are usually arranged with households in their homes.

Making a referral

Step 1 – Identify
Identify a person or household you think could benefit from the Valleys Inclusion Project. If they have agreed to be supported by the project complete the referral form and risk assessments below:

Download Risk Assessment Form

Step 2 – Form
Email or post the completed referral form to Caerphilly Supporting People (details on the form) who will then forward your referral to the Project Co-Ordinator. When contacting Supporting People please state that you would like the referral to go to the VIP.

The Project Co-ordinator will decide on the suitability of the referral and whether there is capacity on the project to accept the referral. If the household is accepted onto the project the Project Co-ordinator will make an appointment for an assessment meeting with the household.

Step 3 – Assessment
During this meeting, a project worker will explain the project to the person or household and carry out an assessment. At this stage we will be assessing whether our service is appropriate to the needs of the applicants. If the referral cannot be accepted at this stage the Project Co-ordinators will give a full explanation.

Step 4 – Decision
All parties involved will be notified of the decision relating to the assessment as soon as possible. At this point the support worker will draw up a support plan for the household addressing any support needs identified during the assessment. The support plan will be the start of the Project’s work with the household and will be reviewed at regular intervals.

Contact the VIP

Please contact with any questions and enquiries.

Shelter Cymru
Valleys Inclusion Project
PO Box 5002
Cardiff, CF5 3YY

Tel: 02920 556120
Fax: 02920 566096

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