Young Money Project

Young Money works with young people aged 16 – 24 and their families in the Swansea Bay area, about ‘money skills’.

The project is delivered through workshops but can also help young people through:

  • drop in advice surgeries
  • scheduled one to one advice sessions
  • email/phone support sessions.

Young Money is a free service that can deliver interactive workshop sessions covering the following five key areas:

  • Saving & Planning  Methods, importance & relevance, budgeting,
    tips/hints and income maximisation.
  • Every day finances – What is N.I. and tax, bank statements and the wider economy.
  • Borrowing – Types of borrowing, consequences of missed payments, APR – how it works and comparing borrowing.
  • Debt – Why it matters, what is it and options when things go wrong.
  • Credit ratings – What are they, how to improve & what to do if something’s incorrect.

Download our leaflet | Download our poster

Please download our printed leaflet or poster and share with your friends, family and colleagues.

Contact us

Adam Miguel
25 Walter Road
Swansea, SA1 5NN

T: 01792 469400
M:  07920 509428