Shelter Cymru call on new Welsh Government for more affordable homes

A recent survey has found that more than four out of five people in Wales are in favour of massive growth in the number of affordable homes built each year.

A large majority (83 per cent) also agree that there is a crisis in housing supply. The results are a strong reminder to Assembly Members that housing must be front and centre of the new Programme for Government.

‘People’s health, education and life chances depend on whether they have somewhere decent they can call home,’ said John Puzey, Director of Shelter Cymru.

‘We have had some strong promises on housing in the run-up to the election – now we need those promises translated into action.”

The survey, carried out by Opinium Research for the Observer newspaper, found that 82 per cent of people in Wales would support a policy to build 250,000 affordable homes across the UK every year for the next four years.

John Puzey added:

“Labour’s manifesto promised an extra 20,000 affordable homes in the next term. This would double the numbers that are currently being built. The public clearly agrees that this must be a priority for the new Government.’

The survey also found high levels of support for building on brownfield sites (58 per cent) and restricting foreign ownership of properties for investment (52 per cent).

Nearly nine out of ten (89 per cent) agreed that without help from family, it is becoming increasingly difficult to become a homeowner.