Shelter Cymru’s Education Conference focuses on: Poisitive Life Transitions for Young People

Next Wednesday, Shelter Cymru will launch their latest education campaign “Where are we going to live?” at their education conference to be held at the Urdd Centre in Cardiff Bay.  It’s a campaign that asks for three specific rights for young people:

  1. Ensuring that social landlords are providing enough affordable accommodation for young people
  2. Ensuring that every young person in Wales has the opportunity to receive leaving home education
  3. Ensuring that there is enough specialist supported accommodation for our most vulnerable young people.

The conference “Moving up – Positive life transitions” is being held in partnership with Shelter Cymru’s Education Advisory Group and led by young people, with a focus on preventing homelessness through education. Through interactive talks and workshops, the conference will look at the current provision in place, the successes of local and national projects, share good practice, and look at key areas of need among today’s young people.

The conference will bring professionals together from across Wales to share good practice and showcase the positive education provision being delivered across Wales to better prepare young people for independent life.

The day’s events will include presentations and interactive workshops to illustrate how young people can get their voices heard on housing matters and to educate them on money management, house-sharing and peer education.

Delegates at the conference will include members from Llamau, Dewis, YMCA and Welsh Government as well as young people from various establishments and organisations.  Among the guest speakers will be representatives from GISDA, the North Wales charity that offer support and opportunities to vulnerable young people, and an insight into the therapeutic support that they offer to gain the confidence and the skills required to lead an independent life.

Girl Guiding Cymru will also give a presentation on their Peer Education Programme which is geared towards delivering peer sessions in a fun, informal and sensitive manner on topical issues such as bullying and self-esteem, as well as focusing on developing skills such as communication and decision making.

Delegates will also have the opportunity to hear the experiences of a member of the Take Notice Project – a project that uses the experiences of real people who have used Shelter Cymru’s housing and homelessness services to directly influence policy and decision-makers, services, the media and communities.

Rebecca Evans, Shelter Cymru’s Education Office, said “We recognise the need to further educate all young people in Wales on the topics of housing, homelessness and to develop their independent living skills, and work well with partners and education providers to do so. This event will also demonstrate the partnership working and resources available as well as give young people a voice on housing matters that affect them”.