Stop evicting young people into homelessness

‘I do get a bit scared when they threaten to kick me out and it just adds more stress.’

Last year more than 3,000 young people in Wales became homeless and had to use council homelessness services. 

Many more became ‘hidden homeless’, sleeping on sofas and friends’ floors. 

Too many are becoming stuck in a homelessness system that is stopping them from moving on with their lives. 

Young people are being evicted and made homeless by projects that are set up to stop youth homelessness. 

As a result, some young people end up sleeping rough or in tents. 

There are not enough homes in Wales that young people can afford. Often the default option is supported housing, which can be so expensive that young people must stay on benefits to afford the rent and service charges. 

This prevents them finding jobs and getting on with their lives. 

We are calling for change to stop the cycle of youth homelessness for good.

We’ll be asking providers of social and supported housing across Wales to support the aim of zero youth evictions into homelessness – so that when a young person must be moved to a different home, they are supported by agencies working together. 

We need someone who’s going to sit there, support us, and try and find a solution. And not just threaten to kick us out pretty much’

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