At Shelter Cymru we believe that private tenants should have the security of knowing that they can’t be evicted for no reason.

To give them this security, we are calling on the Welsh Government to end ‘no fault’ evictions.

In Wales at least 42% of private tenants do not have a fixed term tenancy agreement, making them vulnerable to a ‘no fault’ eviction.

If a tenant asks for repairs or makes a complaint, they risk annoying their landlord and getting evicted.

There is almost no legal defence against a ‘no fault’ eviction.

Once a notice has been served, tenants have two months to find a new home, or become homeless.

The situation is even more difficult for women, who, as our research shows, are more likely to be asked for ‘sex for rent’ and put up with poor conditions, for fear of revenge evictions.

We want to see private tenants in Wales given the same rights that other tenants in other parts of the world.

This won’t stop landlords getting the property back if they have a genuine reason – but it will give tenants the confidence that if they pay the rent and look after the place, they will have a home for as long as they need it.

In April, The First Minister announced that the Welsh Government will be legislating to ban ‘no fault’ evictions before 2021. We will be keeping supporters of the campaign updated. To receive these updates, sign up as a campaign supporter on the right of the page!

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