PETITION: Demand that the Welsh Government builds more social housing

Let’s provide a good home for everyone in Wales – Will you join the call?

Covid-19 has exposed the weaknesses in our housing system and shown up the inequalities that mean some people are less able to protect themselves.

Throughout the pandemic, too many people have suffered in homes that are not affordable or safe. Only 42% of private tenants said their home enabled them to self-isolate fully effectively.

During lockdown 30% of households with children experienced problems in their home such as damp, mould, electrical hazards, and leaking roofs or windowsonly 31% of those households managed to get all the problems resolved.  

The worst may be yet to come. With the furlough scheme ending and the country entering a recession, many people will struggle to make ends meet. People will lose their homes in the coming wave of ‘coronavirus evictions’. 

We are calling on the Welsh Government to take action to make homelessness and bad housing a thing of the past.

To do this, we need social housing. Social homes have the potential to provide good-quality housing to local people that is both secure and genuinely affordable. This is why we’re demanding that the Welsh Government invests in a new generation of social homes.

Will you join our call to demand more social housing is built in Wales? Sign our petition today.

Demand that the Welsh Government builds more social housing

608 signatures = 81% of goal

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An estimated 15,000 private tenants have been asked to leave their home due to rent arrears since the start of lockdown.

A donation of £10 could help us reach 1400 more people with this campaign.