What is Housemate?

Housemate is run by Shelter Cymru’s Education Service. If you are a young person – for you to get the best possible start in adult life, you have the right to learn about independent living. Shelter Cymru’s Education Service informs and educates young people, and those professionals working with them, to avoid future housing problems and homelessness.

Shelter Cymru’s Education Service and Housemate materials are funded by the Welsh Assembly Government.

Who is Housemate for?

Housemate is aimed at young people and at anyone working with young people in a professional or caring capacity. This site accompanies free primary and secondary teachers’ materials on housing and homelessness produced by Shelter Cymru. This site provides information that is relevant to Wales. For information on other countries within the UK click on the links section.

There are 5 main sections. Emergency gives no-nonsense information on who to contact and what to do if you are faced with homelessness. Support and Info guides you through the do’s and don’ts of leaving home and provides information on local services in your area. Education provides teachers, lecturers and other education workers with valuable awareness raising resources. Links is a list of other useful websites linked to housing, homelessness and general well-being. Contacts tells you how to get in touch with the Education Service at Shelter Cymru.

Why use Housemate?

Housemate can be used in many different settings for information on housing and homelessness for young people.

For more information, visit the website.