Schools and Further Education

Through our education service, we develop and continually update bilingual resources and teaching materials for practitioners within primary, secondary and Further Education, to educate their learners on housing, homelessness and independent living. These can be tailored to meet the needs of your learners and delivered as part of core curriculum subjects, PSHE, enrichment days or school assemblies.

Trainee teachers

Our Shelter Cymru Education Service can provide bespoke information and awareness rising workshops for trainee teachers undertaking PGCE as part of their Professional Studies.

If you would like information about any of the above please contact our Education Development Officer Darren Jones on:

01792 469400

Resources for teachers

Primary schools

This Fact-Slide presentation can help children in KS1 and KS2 to understand how Shelter Cymru help people who face homelessness and break down the myths surrounding homelessness.

Primary School PowerPoint

Secondary schools / Colleges

Our PowerPoint slides and accompanying teaching session plans are flexible resources to educate older pupils about Shelter Cymru’s work, homelessness and housing options.

KS4 FE Housing PowerPoint

Teacher’s Session Plan (KS4_FE)

Self Reflection Form

Welsh Baccalaureate

For students who are pursuing a Welsh Baccalaureate qualification, Shelter Cymru have teamed up with Legal & General to develop an approved Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Community Challenge. on Housing Matters & Financial Inclusion

Read the Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Community Challenge brief