Shelter Cymru’s equality and diversity policy

Shelter Cymru recognises that people can often suffer from homelessness or housing need as a result of direct or indirect discrimination against them because of race, sex, disability or sexuality.

In addition there are many other personal matters, characteristics and situations which can adversely affect services, provision and support such as age, class, religious or political beliefs, nationality, HIV status, drug-related problems, marital status, refuges status and criminal record among others. Homelessness itself is a source of discrimination.

Shelter Cymru believes that people who are homeless or in housing need must be provided with effective services and enabled to access affordable suitable accommodation with maximum opportunities to have a real say over their own lives regardless of any other personal characteristic or circumstance.

Shelter Cymru also recognises that both in the provision of its own services and in the employment of staff or the recruitment of Board members or volunteers, or the development of local supporters groups, it must ensure that it does not inadvertently discriminate against people.

It is also recognised that Shelter Cymru must challenge discrimination in housing and homeless services and ensure it positively promotes diversity and equal opportunities in its own services, policies and practices as an employer.