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Do you rent your home privately? Are you interested in learning more about your rights as a renter? Maybe you’re frustrated with your experiences with renting privately and you want to meet like-minded people who act locally to highlight key issues and change things!

We are setting up a pilot local forum in Swansea, and we are also aiming to set up local groups in other parts of Wales.

By leaving your contact details below you will be updated on all meetings and events in your local area. We will also keep you posted on our national campaigning for tenants’ rights.

Our campaigns

Is it fair?
We want a PRS that is fair and fit for purpose, that works for both people and landlords

Empty homes
We’re tackling the wasted resource of Wales’s long-term empty homes

2016 Assembly Elections
The Welsh Assembly elections are taking place on Thursday 5th May 2016. What do you want the next Government to do about housing?

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