Share your story

Have you had a bad housing experience? By sharing your story, you can help:

  • Raise awareness of the need for safe, secure and affordable homes. Your story could be the evidence we need to campaign for real change
  • Reach more people struggling with bad housing or homelessness. Hearing from you could reassure people in similar situations that they’re not alone, and we’re here to help
  • Inspire people to donate, volunteer or take part in a Shelter Cymru event. Together, we can make sure families facing homelessness have someone to turn to

How will my story be used?

From being quoted on social media to appearing on the radio or TV, there are loads of ways to make your voice heard and help our work. We also need personal stories for our fundraising packs, websites, reports, leaflets and posters and more.

We’ll never share your story with anyone outside of Shelter Cymru without your permission and only use your details to get in touch with you.

Share your story