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Before Covid-19, social landlords in Wales had achieved a nearly 40% reduction in possession actions. This webinar looked at how far the social sector has come in the drive to end evictions and abandonments into homelessness.

We looked at the challenges as well as the lessons from lockdown, and discussed what needs to happen next.

We have:

  • Wales and West Housing (WHHA) have maintained a low eviction level due to their systems thinking approach. Sue Dickinson shares what they have learned
  • Natasha Ham from Hafod shares her research of good practice models for supporting people with high support needs in tenancies
  • Valleys to Coast have significantly reduced possession actions. Ryan Miles shares how they have achieved this and his thoughts on the challenges going forward
  • Paul Bevan gives an update on Shelter Cymru’s current research project on how to achieve zero homelessness from social housing

We hope you enjoy our webinar on Ending homelessness, we hope to see you next year in person.

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