Training courses scheduled for 2020

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Helping people in debt – An essential guide

Conwy, 19th February 2020

This course provides a structured introduction to the money advice process and the debt cycle. Participants will develop effective strategies for dealing with post Xmas debt and to be able to initially support and know where and when to refer people.

Course includes:

  • Discussion of the primary causes of debt and the debt cycle
  • Explanation of the step-by-step approach to giving money advice
  • Identifying different types of debt, and how to help clients prioritise debts and managing expenditure
  • Discussion of the range of options for income maximisation
  • Strategies for dealing with different kinds of debt
  • Case studies

Suitable for:

Housing officers dealing with income and arrears; housing/tenant support workers; social workers; new advisers who need to know about the money advice process in order to deal effectively with other problems people face; and generalist advisers who are experienced in other areas but want structured training on dealing with debt problems.

1 day – £145.00

Homelessness Law in Wales – An essential introduction

Cardiff, 27th February 2020

Rhyl, 12th March 2020

Since April 2015, Wales has had its own distinct way of dealing with homelessness. The Housing (Wales) Act 2014 created new duties for local authorities to help prevent homelessness for anyone who asks for help. It is therefore more essential than ever that anyone working with people in housing difficultly understands the basic procedures and duties owed to people who are facing homelessness in Wales.

Course includes:

  • Overview of the legislation and its vision
  • Detailed exploration of key terms including
    • Homelessness and Threatened with homelessness
    • Eligibility
    • Priority Need
    • Local Connection
  • Review to the application process for people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness
  • Examination of Local Authority duties and how they are met
  • Discussion of review procedures and options

Suitable for:

Essential core training for anyone supporting people facing homelessness or the threat of homelessness including support workers and generalist advice workers. The course is also essential knowledge for housing solutions triage/first point of contact staff or for new Housing Options caseworkers

1 day – £145.00

Universal Credit – Recent changes

Conwy, 27th February 2020

Based on our experience of working with Universal Credit claimants in Wales, this half day course will give you an update of recent changes to Universal Credit.  It will offer some practical solutions that advisers may need to employ when working with people claiming Universal Credit.

Course includes:

  • New rules on Universal Credit advances and how they are recovered
  • Update on managed migration
  • Help with school meals
  • UC work allowances and extra help for self-employed people
  • Extra support towards childcare costs
  • New provision for survivors of domestic abuse
  • UC and mixed age couples

Suitable for:

Participants should have a basic knowledge of UC and working knowledge of the wider benefits system to benefit from this course

Half day – £90.00

Young People Housing and Homelessness

Swansea, 26th March 2020

It is fair to say that the housing options of young people in Wales are limited. Young people are generally disadvantaged over other groups due to the financial/poverty gap set by legislation and that, as a group, they include a significant amount of single households.

This training day will look at the causes and consequences of homelessness for this group and their housing options from accessing emergency accommodation to securing a tenancy

Course includes:

  • Relevant homelessness legislation, statutory duties, and the Code of Guidance and the duties owed towards young people
  • Problem solving with landlords and tenancies
  • Benefit entitlement and restrictions
  • Case studies based on our experience of working with young people across Wales

Suitable for:

This course is suitable for anyone who works with or advises young people and needs a clear understanding of young people’s housing rights and options.

1 day – £145.00