The people and homes charity in Wales

Shelter Cymru wants everyone in Wales to have a decent home. We believe a home is a fundamental right and essential to the health and well-being of people and communities.

We work for people in housing need across Wales and prevent people from losing their homes by offering free, confidential and independent advice. When necessary we constructively challenge on behalf of people to ensure they are properly assisted and to improve practice and learning.

We work with people who use our services as equals. We provide information, advice and support to help people identify the best options to find and keep a home and to help them take control of their own lives.

We advise

We provide free housing advice at community-based locations across Wales. Visit our Advice near you page for information on the locations and times of housing advice sessions in your area. If you prefer you can search our online advice pages or email us with your housing problem/enquiry. If you have an urgent housing problem you can call our expert housing advice helpline on 08000 495 495.

We represent

Our team of solicitors offer expert legal advice, help fight repossession and eviction, and can attend court to defend people who are at risk of losing their home. They can challenge local authority homelessness decisions, and step in when councils aren’t doing enough to support those in housing need. They also defend tenants by helping to pursue claims against landlords where disrepair is causing a serious risk of harm or in cases of unlawful eviction.

We campaign

Shelter Cymru campaigns for new ways of eliminating homelessness and housing need, changes in legislation, and policies and practices that will improve the long term housing and homelessness situations faced by thousands of people in Wales.

Visit our Policy section for further information about our policy work and the research we undertake. The Policy and Research resource library has free copies of all our publications and reports.