Volunteer with us

We know that the Fight For Home isn’t just our fight, but yours too. You can make a huge difference and there’s lots of opportunities to get involved with.

Current opportunities


Event Assistants

Fundraising events are slowly returning, which means we have several upcoming volunteering opportunities for event assistants. Maybe you want to photograph/video our events, or maybe you want to learn more about event organising, or maybe you just want to be part of the wonderful energy that comes with supporting on entertainment and sporting events. Contact fundraising@sheltercymru.org.uk to find out more.


Digital advice evaluation

Help ensure that our digital advice content for young people is accessible, user friendly, visually appealing and easy to find. This role involves looking at our digital advice content and answering a number of questions to then feedback and discuss with the Advice Online team.

Find out more about this role here.  To sign up, go here.


Take Notice

This service user participation project aims to improve housing and homelessness services across Wales and give people who have experienced homelessness and bad housing a voice. We are always keen to hear from potential project members who would like to share their experiences of homelessness or bad housing to help us change the system for the better. Find out more here or contact viviennep@sheltercymru.org.uk to get involved.


The Pathways Programme

Our Pathways Programme is designed to train you to employment level while you carry out your volunteering role. Through this programme, you will gain valuable insight into our advice team and receive training and mentorship to help you apply for future job opportunities.

Find out more here.

Shelter Cymru workers during ‘Live Under The Stars’ music event at Cardiff Castle, August 4th 2021. 

Credit: Mark Hawkins for Shelter Cymru

When I originally volunteered, I’d kind of forgotten what normal life was about. The whole experience has helped me get myself back on my feet.”

– one of our volunteers


The fight for home starts here.


Our volunteers come from all different backgrounds and social groups.We’re committed to including volunteers from diverse backgrounds. We value the knowledge and experience of volunteers with lived experience of homelessness and bad housing. We also welcome applications from people with criminal records, refugee status, or ‘exceptional leave to remain’ in the UK. All volunteers need to be aged 18 or over.

Check our current opportunities above. If you’re not sure what kind of role you would like to do, we can help find what’s best suited for you. Email Vivienne Planck: viviennep@sheltercymru.org.uk

Most of our volunteering roles are flexible and the amount of time you give will depend on what works best for you and the team you are joining. However, please check within the opportunity details for minimum time commitment. Most of our volunteer opportunities are available within office hours.

No. We reimburse volunteers for expenses associated with their volunteering such as travel expenses. Volunteering does not affect your benefits.