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Give a regular donation

£10 a month could answer 12 calls to our helpline every year.

Give a single donation

£20 provides a face-to-face advice session, helping a family to keep their home.


Thousands of people in Wales are living with the fear that they could lose their home in the coming months.

The public health crisis has collided head-on with a national housing emergency. Now, more than ever, people are worried about their jobs, protecting their families and losing their safe place of refuge – their home.

Unfortunately, these problems won’t end when lockdown is eased. In fact, quite the opposite. Unavoidable financial hardship will mean that more people will find themselves evicted into temporary accommodation, seeking shelter with friends or family, or sleeping on the streets.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Donate to Shelter Cymru and join the fight against homelessness in Wales.

Our vision

Shelter Cymru is Wales’ Peoples and Homes charity.

We believe everyone in Wales has the right to a decent, secure home.

How your money is spent

For every £1 you donate, we spend 93p on helping people who are struggling with bad housing and homelessness.

  • 93.5% spent on helping people*
  • 6.5% spent on raising the next £1

*through frontline services, campaigning, training and education.