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Shelter Cymru helps thousands of people every year who are struggling with bad housing or homelessness – and we campaign hard to prevent it in the first place.

We believe that everyone has the right to a decent, secure home. Yet despite the UK being one of the richest countries in the world there are still far too many people who do not have a place they can call home.

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Our Campaigns

Stop the Cycle

There are not enough homes in Wales that young people can afford. This prevents them finding jobs and getting on with their lives. We are calling for change to stop the cycle of youth homelessness for good.


Ending 'no fault' evictions

We believe that private tenants should have the security of knowing that they can’t be evicted for no reason. We are calling on the Welsh Government to end ‘no fault’ evictions.


Waste not want not

Any unspent DHP funds given to Welsh councils are taken back by UK Government. We are urging councils to fully use this resource to help people who cannot afford the cost of their rent.


Share your Story

Have you had a bad housing experience? By sharing your story, you can help:

Raise awareness of the need for safe, secure and affordable homes

Reach more people struggling with bad housing or homelessness

Inspire people to donate, volunteer or take part in a Shelter Cymru event