Fact sheets

Homeless – what can I do?

What to do if you are homeless and the help that your local council might have to give you.

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Disrepair – what can I do?

What you can do if you are a tenant and are living in a property that is in disrepair.

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Housing benefit rule changes

Have a look at our fact sheet for a summary of recent changes to the housing benefit rules.

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Unlawful eviction

A landlord can only lawfully evict a tenant by following the correct procedure. Unlawful eviction is a criminal offence.

Paying a deposit

Paying deposits on privately rented properties and tenancy deposit protection schemes.

Is your section 21 notice valid?

If you are an assured shorthold tenant your landlord might serve you with a section 21 notice to end your tenancy. Read this fact sheet to help you work out if the notice is valid.

Worried about your mortgage?

What to do if you can’t pay your mortgage or your lender is taking you to court.

Students and private renting

Have a look at some of the common problems experienced by students renting from a private landlord in Wales.

Universal credit : what is it and how do I apply?

Find out the basics about universal credit.

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