Accountability Statement 2013

Shelter Cymru is committed to being an open and responsive organisation. We want to ensure that:

  • Our purpose and aims and how we are going to achieve them are understood and that people are able to comment on and contribute to them.
  • Everyone can see that we are well managed and organised and use our resources appropriately to achieve our aims.
  • People who use our services are able to engage with the organisation, helping to improve and deliver services, campaign and contribute to its strategic direction.
  • People can see that we listen and learn from open and constructive feedback.

Actions 2013/14

A series of short on-line questionnaires will be developed to gauge public perceptions and expectations of the organisation.

  • Feedback on all services including advice, events, training, advice on line, website etc. will include a standard scoring index against which we can track user and public views.
  • Reports and updates on user and public feedback will be regularly reported internally in the Newsletter and externally on the website. It will also be formally reported twice a year to the Board.