Making a complaint

Shelter Cymru (SC) is committed to providing a high standard of service and we are continuously improving and extending what we can offer. However, we recognise that there may be occasions when things go wrong. Most of the time these can be remedied by informal discussions with the individuals involved, and this is the approach encourage as a first step.  In the vast majority of cases matters can then be resolved quickly and straightforwardly.

However if this does not work, Shelter Cymru have a formal process for handling complaints. It is important that you tell us when this happens so that we can deal speedily with the problem you have raised. Feedback really does help us to improve the quality of our work.

Shelter Cymru have a different policy for dealing with complaints raised by Service Users, please see the bottom of this page for details of this policy.

Complaints will be investigated in confidence, only involving those whose views are necessary to establish the facts.

Complaints that are considered under this procedure include:

  • you are unhappy about the way we have treated your inquiry
  • the service a client of your organisation has received and where you believe we have failed to resolve their problem or treated them with respect and dignity
  • you are unhappy with the behaviour of our staff
  • any other matter.

If your complaint is about an on-going case and to proceed with an investigation would potentially be prejudicial to the outcome of that case Shelter Cymru reserve the right to postpone any investigation into a complaint until the conclusion of that case.

Stage 1 – Local Resolution
If any of the above applies, we undertake to deal quickly and effectively with the matter. As a first step, we suggest that you contact the member of staff concerned to see if the problem can be resolved to your satisfaction. SC staff will do everything they can to put things right, including reviewing procedures to stop problems happening again. The contact will be acknowledged within 7 working days. The staff member will seek to resolve the matter within 28 working days.

Stage 2 – Formal Investigation
If you have a complaint which you have been unable to resolve informally at stage 1, please write to the Director at Shelter Cymru, 25 Walter Road, Swansea SA1 5NN who will appoint a person to investigate your complaint.

Complaints at stage 2 must be received in writing and should make clear that it is a formal complaint. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 7 working days.

The Director will appoint an Investigation Officer who will investigate the issues raised and will provide SC’s response to the complaint within an agreed timescale dependant on the nature and complexity of the complaint. This process should not exceed 56 working days from the initial complaint

The Investigation Officer’s role in this process will be as follows:-

  • To investigate the complaint in full.
  • Collect evidence to date.
  • Interview all parties involved.
  • Keep you informed.
  • Produce a thorough report with findings and recommendations.

Stage 3 – Final Arbitration / Appeal
If you do not feel that the Stage 2 response is acceptable, you have the right to ask for your complaint to be referred to Shelter Cymru’s Board of Trustees. You will be advised of the date of the Trustee’s review within 28 working days of your response to Stage 2.

You will be notified of the Board’s decision within five working days of its meeting. The Board’s decision is final.

To make a complaint, please email Robin White at [email protected]

Service users

If you are a service user and wish to complain about the service you have received from Shelter Cymru, please look at our Service User Complaints policy and procedure below:

Download complaints policy