Switching energy supplier

You could save on your gas and electricity bills each year by changing your supplier.

How to change your supplier

Changing suppliers is simple. The energy companies arrange the changeover for you. To make sure this has happened, check your bills carefully.

You won’t need a new meter or rewiring if you switch suppliers, and you won’t experience a break in your electricity or gas supply.

You don’t need your landlord’s permission to change energy suppliers, but it is polite to let them know when you move out.

Find the best deal

Price comparison websites are the easiest way to look at the deals from different suppliers. For example:

Ofgem provides a list of accredited price comparison sites.

When you use a price comparison site, make sure you have an old bill as you need:

  • the name of your current energy supplier
  • details of your current energy tariff (you will find this on your bill)
  • how much gas and electricity you use each year.

Make sure you understand the terms and conditions before you sign a contract.

Price is important when choosing an energy supplier, but you should also think about how long the contract ties you in and if you have to pay a fee if you end it early.

Find out more from Ofgem about switching supplier.

Switch to a new supplier

To make the switch, you just need to provide the relevant information to the new supplier who arranges the transfer.

If you used a price comparison website, you will have entered much of the information already and can complete the process online.

You should be directed from the comparison site to your new supplier’s website to set up your account. You can also set up your account with the new supplier by phone.

Just before the changeover you are asked for your meter readings, probably by both suppliers. This is to make sure your old and new suppliers know how much electricity and gas to charge you for.

You always have a 14-day cooling off period during which you can cancel your new contract if you change your mind.

Once the cooling off period is over, it takes about 21 days for the transfer to your new supply to be set up.

If a doorstep salesperson tries to persuade you to switch suppliers, don’t feel pressurised into signing a new contract straightaway.  Research other options first.

Salespeople are not allowed to tell you that their offer will be withdrawn if you don’t sign up immediately.

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You can also contact the Energy Saving Trust.

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